1. May 2019


This is me!

Hello and welcome to my website

My name is Matthieu and I live in Hilversum. Every now and again I leave the house with my camera to make nice (and sometimes not so nice) images

In some cases, I will run these images through some editing software and change the “reality” into something that is closer to what I actually saw when I clicked the shutter.

These images can be found throughout the site, but mostly in the Galleries, reachable via the link in the menu on your left. These galleries are on a different platform, so the site might change a bit between the blog and there.

Besides making images, I am also interested in electronics and sometimes have little projects. Although these do not always have the desired outcome, and are sometimes downright frustrating, it is still a (good) challenge to work with microprocessors and make them do useful stuff. Loosely related to this is my interest in domotics.

Lastly, in the summer of 2019, I have become very interested in the madness that is the energy transition which is a very hot topic in the Netherlands; you can’t open a single site or new article and the local heat distribution networks and electric heating pumps get thrown in your face. This seems to cause a lot of confusion with people, especially in terms of what is and isn’t useful.

Because I find this stuff really interesting and I like helping people, I have signed up to become an “e-coach” at HET (the local energy transition coop) to learn more and be able to help people finding a local path towards transitioning away from fossil fuels.

All of this you can find on this blog and obviously also in the galleries.


WithArsenal… or without?

A few weeks ago, a family member who shall remain nameless mentioned the Arsenal product. I think at the time I had heard of it before through KickStarter but it didn’t appeal to me at the time so I didn’t invest in it. Arsenal is said to use Artificial Intelligence to analyse the scene in […]